Introducing KynSHOC-C.
The industry’s first composite shock absorber.

No one else has a product that features a cost-effective solution to optimize your application while considering your total cost of ownership. Our comprehensive product offering will provide value-added features to both your new product development, and your existing product that may not meet your expectations for performance. 

Choose the Damping Profile That Meets Your Needs

Square Wave damping – Where deceleration forces remain relatively constant over the full length of the shock absorber stroke. Square wave damping yields the most efficient energy absorption while imparting the lowest peak deceleration forces.

Progressive damping – Where deceleration forces start low, then build through the shock absorber stroke. Such “soft catch” applications are common when working with more fragile loads which need to be stopped.

Dashpot damping – Is the simplest form of damping, involving a fixed orifice through the entire shock absorber stroke. Dashpot damping allows for relatively high amounts of energy to be removed in relatively shorter strokes, but with higher deceleration forces being imparted to the impact load.

Custom Damping – When performance needs fine-tuning, we have the technology and expertise to design and build a product to fit your specific application requirements.

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