KynSHOT Precision Recoil Dampers

KynSHOT precision recoil dampers are proudly designed and manufactured by KYNTEC Corporation, a leading energy absorption product manufacturer located in suburban Buffalo, N.Y. KynSHOT parts are sourced exclusively from suppliers based in the U.S. and Canada, with more than 97% coming from within 60 miles of our facility.

We are proud to offer the highest quality products that surpass anything else currently offered in the recoil buffer field. We use our own precision recoil damper products, and so do our families and friends. If you are ever unhappy with the performance of any of our products, please let us know.  Your insights will lead us to a solution.

Our company culture encourages innovation and engineering excellence to provide you with real world solutions.  We take great pride in our skilled employees. In fact, four out of every five members of our team are degreed engineers, leading to a corporate obsession with quality, reliability and predictable performance.  We embrace change while adhering to core values of honesty, integrity, accountability and respect for others.

We support both the United States constitutional right to bear arms and responsible firearms ownership, in full compliance with all laws.

Precision recoil dampers from KynSHOT reduce wear and tear, cut down on shoulder fatigue and get and stay on target quicker. Reduced rate of fire conserves ammunition while improving accuracy. KynSHOT hydraulic recoil dampers install quickly, replacing and outperforming the best standard mass and spring buffer technologies that are currently available. Law Enforcement, Sportsmen, and Competitive Shooters all will benefit from an immediate improvement in weapon performance. Robust stainless steel construction provides maximum corrosion resistance for use in wet or maritime environments.

Our product line includes:

RB5000 KynSHOT Marksman Recoil Buffer | AR15 Carbine

RB5000L KynSHOT Marksman Recoil Buffer | AR15 Carbine Blackout

RB5001 KynSHOT Marksman Recoil Buffer | Fixed Stock AR15

RB5004 KynSHOT Marksman Recoil Buffer | .308 Shorty Collapsible Stock (2.5 inches)

RB5005 KynSHOT Marksman Recoil Buffer | .308 Collapsible Stock (3.25 inches)

RB5006 KynSHOT Marksman Recoil Buffer | .308 Fixed Stock

RB5007 KynSHOT for AR-9mm Application

RB5100 KynSHOT Tactical Shotgun Recoil Buffer

SK5100M Tactical Shotgun Conversion Kit Mossberg 500/590

SK5100R Tactical Shotgun Conversion Kit for Remington 870

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