The Challenge

A customer came to KYNTEC needing a specialized adjustable damper to control the sway of a crane boom in a marine environment. This sway impacted the accuracy of load placement and the cost associated with multiple payload moves. The application environment itself was identified to be somewhat challenging, characterized by highly corrosive marine conditions, wide environmental temperature.

The KYNTEC Solution

KYNTEC Corporation designed and manufactured large rate controls made from 100% stainless steel. They were also painted to NORSOC standard, allowing them to operate in the highly corrosive marine environment. The rate controls are both fully adjustable in tension and compression models. The internal control porting designed by KYNTEC engineers provides for smooth operation. The compatibility of chosen materials of construction allowed the KYNTEC dampers to be the go-forward customer choice for demanding applications.

Other Applications

This product is very versatile and can be scaled diameter and stroke, and may be used to provide sub-linear, linear and traditional velocity power functions. It can also be used in seismic bracing, crane gimbals, offshore oil platform docking systems, as well as a variety of military and defense rate control applications. This product can also be easily integrated with AC or DC motors to facilitate real-time adjustment of the orifice based on real time inputs.

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