MAXIMUM FLEXIBILITY for all applications and unmatched inventory economies are yours with the innovative KynSHOC series of hydraulic shock absorbers from KYNTEC. Each model adjusts easily to replace multiple individual shock absorber configurations. A turn of the adjustment knob is all that is required to deliver a variety of force vs. stroke profiles. The patented design uses two close-fit cylinder bodies to either allow or limit fluid flow through selectable orifice patterns. Multiple adjustable progressive, adjustable square wave, and dashpot damping profiles are all available. All models are of stainless steel construction, ideal for all applications, but especially for harsh, corrosive or sanitary environments.

Adjustable Square Wave (S) damping, where deceleration forces remain relatively constant over the full length of the shock absorber stroke. Square wave damping yields the most efficient energy absorption while imparting the lowest peak deceleration forces.

Adjustable Progressive (P) damping, where deceleration forces start low, then build through the shock absorber stroke. Such “soft catch” applications are common when working with more fragile loads which need to be stopped.

Dashpot (D) damping, is the simplest form of damping, involving a fixed orifice through the entire shock absorber stroke. Dashpot damping allows for relatively high amounts of energy to be removed in relatively shorter strokes, but with higher deceleration forces being imparted to the impact load.

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