Dampers and Rate Controls
Engineered for Air, Land, Sea and Space

KYNTEC rate controls and dampers provide reliable and repeatable speed control, vibration isolation or lift assistance in support of extreme environments and critical manufacturing processes. We can custom design any of our rate control products from virtually any exotic material including:

  • All Stainless Steel Alloys
  • Duplex and Super Duplex Stainless Steels
  • Any other special alloy your design requires.

We stand by the belief that our product is an extension of ourselves. As such, we produce only the highest quality self-contained damping systems. When the situation requires special attention to detail, the solution is KYNTEC.


Damping Modes

Hydraulic dampers/rate controls are velocity sensitive devices, usually expressed as F = C V∝.

KYNTEC designs product to provide the exact force profile (or profiles) needed by carefully selecting fluids, orificing, and mechanical elements to perform over the design operating range.


KYNTEC Engineered Performance

Using advanced structural and fluid dynamic computations, KYNTEC will design a damper/ rate control using the exact fluid chemistry, viscosity, orificing and mechanical elements to engineer your exact solution. Possibilities include, but may not be limited to:

· Damping that changes with stroke position.
· Tension Only, Compression Only, and Bidirectional Designs
· Fixed, Selectable, Adjustable and Self-Compensating Configurations
· Consistent stable performance over a wide range of loads, weather and temperature extremes.


Uniquely From KYNTEC

Integrated actuation with speed regulation for industrial and aerospace. Our integrated product can provide lift-assisting force, while simultaneously providing precise speed control for intended motion within the application. Examples include:

  • Rate control actuation of aircraft overhead storage bins
  • Hideaway shelves in document storage
  • Swingdown shelves in fire apparatus

Design Versatility

KYNTEC Dampers/Rate Controls are used in a myriad of applications, including gas & oil production, pharmaceutical manufacturing, food processing, material handling, industrial automation, and many others. Some examples of our work in this area include:

• Fully mechanical, gas-charged, or hydraulic designs that can deliver ultra-precise performance in even the most demanding of applications

• Low sensitivity to operating temperature extremes – designed to work without modification from -35?C to 85?C, with a further extended range possible, as well as possible inclusion of special fluid and seal materials.

• Integrated locking position control and/or lifting force assist possible in all designs, providing a fully passive controlled actuator.

• Self-Contained Passive Systems to provide years of reliable maintenance free operation while providing protection for your valuable capital equipment and employees

• KYNTEC Quick Delivery provides rapid turnaround times for your critical programs and projects, saving you valuable time.

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