The Challenge

A customer came to KYNTEC Corporation needing a specialized actuator/rate in a commercial aviation environment. The product needed to be designed and prototypes built in just 4 weeks to prepare for a customer critical design review. The product had to have a self-adjusting as per the occupant weight and be able to position a 90th percentile male and female and control the motion in either case. This product has a unique stoke locking feature to hold its position at any applied load. Since the customer knew the history of KYNTEC Corporation they knew we would provide a solution to meet all their cost and performance requirements.

The KYNTEC Solution

KYNTEC Corporation provided this patent pending product that had all the features needed. This product is manufactured from aviation grade materials and meets all the regulatory requirements. It can control a large range of inputs and has the ability to assist with the positioning of a complex mechanism. The internal control porting provides for a smooth operation and choice of materials makes these KYNTEC actuators/rate controls the product of choice.

Other Applications

This product is very versatile and can be scaled diameter and stroke. If is modular to provide sub-linear, linear and traditional velocity power functions. It can be used in blast seat applications, hospital bed actuation to assist electromechanical actuators. This product can be easily integrated with AC or DC motors to have real time adjustment of the preload and actuation forces based on real time inputs. All this coupled with an electronic control unit makes this product versatile bot as a active or passive line replacement unit.

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