The Challenge

A customer came to KYNTEC needing a specialized miniature rate control. The rate control was needed to work in a mechanism for a commercial entry doors. A unique Force/Velocity curve relationship was needed to compensate for the variety of temperature and inputs posed by the application. The product needed to be very low cost per piece, and yet provide high quality motion control. Due the customer’s successful past histories with KYNTEC engineers, they knew we would provide a solution to meet all cost and performance targets.

The KYNTEC Solution

KYNTEC designed and manufactured a series of miniature rate controls that could meet or exceed both cost and performance parameters. This was particularly surprising to the customer, that a custom rate control design did not necessarily mean high costs. The resultant product solution is constructed of a lightweight aircraft grade aluminum and can handle a large range of inputs and has thermal compensation. The internal control porting provides for a smooth operation and choice of materials makes the KYNTEC dampers the dampers of choice for demanding applications.

Other Applications

Due to its lightweight design, performance parameters and low total cost of ownership, the product is very versatile. It can also easily be scaled by KYNTEC engineers in terms of diameter and stroke. It is modular to provide sub-linear, linear and traditional velocity power functions. Typical applications for these types of products include other miniature rate control applications, and moderate frequency vibration applications with static support.

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