The Challenge

A customer came to KYNTEC Corporation needing a specialized low weight, low cost rate control to work in a commercial aviation application to control the speed of a very light load. This product meets DO160, FR25-852 and all the specification needed to be airworthy. Since the customer knew the history of KYNTEC Corporation they knew we would provide a solution to meet all their cost and performance requirements.

The KYNTEC Solution

KYNTEC Corporation provided these rate controls that outperformed the competition and low cost gas springs. They are aircraft grade aluminum and can handle a large range of inputs. The internal control porting provides for a smooth operation and choice of materials makes the KYNTEC dampers the dampers of choice for demanding applications.

Other Applications

This product is very versatile and can be scaled diameter and stroke. If is modular to provide sub-linear, linear and traditional velocity power functions. Mini-rate control applications, vibrations with moderate frequencies with static support.

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