The Challenge

A customer came to KYNTEC needing a specialized shock absorber to control a heavy duty aircraft cargo door. A unique Force vs. Stroke curve was needed. Damping through most of the stroke needed to be achieved with a catch at the end, followed by no damping, allow for ease of manual door closing without specialty equipment or personnel.

The KYNTEC Solution

KYNTEC designed and manufactured a series of medium bore shock absorbers, whose characteristics — in side-by-side performance testing — was determined to be “industry best in class.”  These shock absorbers were designed and constructed from lightweight aircraft grade aluminum. Their unique design allows them to provide effective motion control of a large range of energies and forces. The internal control porting of these aircraft shock absorbers further provided for smooth and controlled operation.

Other Applications

These KYNTEC medium bore shock absorbers are very versatile. They can be easily scaled in diameter and in stroke. The shock absorbers are also modular, to provide sublinear, linear and traditional velocity power functions.  Additional applications for these products include large power plant circuit breakers, factory automation, recoil buffers for larger-caliber military applications, machine tool changers, indexing tables, surface mount machinery and coordinate measuring machinery.

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